Machine Learning

Train Delay Prediction

Trains are a vital transportation tool for urban lives, however, it is bothered by uncertain delays and leaves negative effects on people's lives and train administration. This project aims to predict train delays for NJ Transit to solve these problems.

Cost Benefit Optimization

A significant effect will be made toward the organizations if a client of them no long participate, donate or purchase a good. This project aims to predict toward these risks to stem the negative exaggeration in the early stage.

House Price Prediction

The accuracy of home price prediction has always been a challenge, as it does not engage enough local intelligence. This project aims to develop an OLS prediction model by gathering local data and engaging related variables.

Mortgage Prepay Prediction

The project is aimed at analyzing the single-family mortgages from 1999 to 2017, trying to find out the causes for its fluctuations. The project further builds a machine learning model to predict the prepay actions of the mortgages.

Narcotic Abuse Prediction

Predictive policing is prevailing for it can determine which areas are is in high risk and which are at low risk so that resources can be efficiently allocated. This project aims to predict the occurrence of narcotics-heroine in Chicago to help urban administration.

Ride Bike Share Prediction

Bike share is not useful if a dock has no bikes to pick up, nor if there are no open docking spaces to deposit a bike. This project aims to anticipate bike-share demand and give insights toward redistribution to ensure a bike or a docking place is available when needed.

Data Analytics

Street View Analytics

Street qualities will greatly impact the safety and equity of the community living there. The project aims to proactively, using street view analysis, explore the relationships between "street space" and "safety" / "equity".

Pattern Data & Huff Model

Collaborated with Philadelphia Parks & Recs to better program resources among 500+ facilities, utilizing safegraph pattern data and K-Means to find correspondence and conflicts.

Evictions & Code Violations

Understanding the eviction can effectively address social problems, from poverty to education. This project aims to research the correlation between eviction and code violation to verify the above assumption.

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

This project aims to research the NDVI within Philly and compare the difference of it among different Philly urban areas. So that we can see if the inequity of greening resources exists in Philadelphia.

Yelp Reviews Exploration

Are we objective when reviewing restaurants? What is the objective extent? This project aims to use machine learning to research Yelp restaurant reviews, and analyzed correlations between restaurant reviews and census data.

Craigslist Web Scrapping

Different from obtaining an existing data set, this project aims to extract property information(including price, and amenities) on apartments from Craigslist search results, from the HTML text, to get the live and authentic market information.

Real Estate Transfer

Can we understand the real estate market of Philadelphia through the real estate transfer? This project aims to visualize real estate transfer cases from 2000 to nowadays, in this way to have a better understanding of the market change.

DOB Complaints

How do residents feel living in NYC? This project aims to visualize the DOB Complaints in NYC before 2020. We will see the difference in compliant numbers in different areas, the top complaint types, and their change over time.

Statistic Research

Other Activities

Design Portfolio

I also am proud of being a designer. Same as a data analyst, design is another way to conceive, coexist with, and change the world. Click into to check out my design projects and activities.

Real Estate Proposal

Everything in the urban makes me excited, including properties. It is so physical and sensible that everybody lives in it. This project is a serious attempt to interact with the urban using property development.

Smart City Proposal

Smart city with technologies is an unstoppable trend for urban development. This project aims to use smart city technologies to tackle food insecurity and Internet inequity problems.